Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Kenyan Sense of Humor

 Let me begin with an apology for the long time between posts.  Since our last one, our internet has been pretty laughable.  Tho that is not the topic of this post it does fit the title.  

Something I have always loved and appreciated about Kenyans and the country I live in is the surprise of finding humor in so many things.   It's a great thing when you discover someone else laughing at themselves or when you come upon a scene that makes you chuckle.  Many times I have made Jon stop the car so I can take pictures of such events.  So this entry is mostly pictures.  I do know this much, having a sense of humor has helped so many times in so many ways!  I think we all know that if we don't laugh at ourselves, someone else is going to!

His day went from bad to worse pretty early!
Tired, jet lagged and the shower head won't stay up, what else are you going to do?
Is this funny or tragic?  No Dominos or free delivery!
Maybe its my weird sense of humor, but I find it funny she was dancing with her cell phone!

How can you resist that smoking goat?

An all time classic!

Well, how else will you get ticks from your armpits?

The fill- in-the -blank shop.

I love that the passenger looks sooo cold and embarrassed.

Donkey cart surfing!