Friday, October 19, 2012

A Beautiful Day!

My heart is over whelmed with gladness!  Susan was adopted today! I'm sure you all remember her well. She's a year old now.  You can see by this picture that she has come a long way. I praise the Lord that she has a forever family.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One More for the Road

These next few months, Jon and I are on the road in the United States raising support to go back home to Kenya.  Yesterday we traveled from Bradford, PA back home to Wilmore KY in one day.  As we were driving along. Jon would make comments like: "This is as far as from Olderkesi to Tenwek.", or "This is as far as from Tenwek to Nairobi.".  As we pulled into our driveway here in Wilmore he made the comment that he had driven as far as from Olderkesi to Malindi (on the coast of the Indian Ocean).

Can I just say here that there is NO comparison!  American roads are wonderful. Even the rough ones are nothing in comparison to what we are used to. We laughed that some roads had actual signs warning of a dip in the road or a rough area. In Kenya, there would be one of those signs every two feet!  The scenery of course is worlds apart.  

So, I wanted to illustrate by picture the contrasts. The first set of course is our notorious Kenyan roads.  I have not driven these roads much in Kenya. The reasons for that is that I don't WANT to and that  I want to live. Jon is a much better driver than I am and much less likely to be distracted.  If driving makes you a better missionary, then I'm the worst missionary there is.  Cause yes, I admit- I'm a chicken.

The boys letting us know they are watching and taking lessons from the back seat!

The road is not just for driving on.

Brave, brave man with is potatoes, charcoal and a 'broom'?

There are matatu drivers who are very, very scary.  This guy looks like it would not take much to set him off.

No, not a river-the road.

Sometimes Jon had to get out and assess the way through.

YES! He is climbing on TOP of the bus! YES we are in fast moving traffic!

Not a traffic jam!  The regular traffic, moving fast.

See what my job is? To watch for PEOPLE trying to cross without looking.

Crossing a street is very stressful I might add.

Are you sure you want to go on the push cart?

VERY slow moving family.  You understand why we didnt' mind.

Prison escapees.

If you want to move your corn grinder, you put it on the motorbike and hit the highway.  Seriously?

Much rain, no bridge. Go back. If its the only way home you wait...

Poor wet sheep! They needed to cross too!

Now by contrast on American roads things are normal!  Well, not so much.  We were sure the Easter bunny who owned this basket was going to come for it, and we didn't want to be around.

It was a really beautiful time to be traveling in the North though!

So you see. Adventure IS out there.  No matter where you are driving.   Do pray for us as we both countries.