Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keeping it real!!

Many times I have lamented about how its almost impossible to go from point A to point B without any distractions, complications or barriers.  It seems like even the simplest task can't just 'get done' right away. I don't want this to come across as a whiny entry, so lets look at each one with the sense of humor it merits!

Here are some of those scenarios:
The bridge to the pump house is made of cement.  In the rains, the bridge washed out, exposing the pipes.  Jon and Johnstone bought all the supplies needed to fix the bridge.  Even though for three weeks its been very hot and dry in maasailand, the day the supplies were delivered, it began clouding up for rainy season...now what?

Getting dinner fixed: First I have to THINK of what's for dinner (first real challenge) and then go out to the freezer to get meat. But alas, I realize I haven't fed the dogs and they are simpering for attention, so I have to go do that. Well, I can't find the scissors to open the new bag of dog food. So I have to go inside the house to get those, but yuk, they are in the dish drainer unwashed..who cares, its a bag of dog food, so I have to dig and get them out. Doing that I drop a dish and it splatters gunky food all over the floor. Of course the dishrag is not there, so I have to go find one of those. Then after I get it ready to use, someone calls me to the gate and asks for Jon. So I get to go find Jon.  I have to call Jon cause he's up at the project  so I have to find my phone and its not charged! I  then go put the charger on it. That done, I see that my art project needs my attention, so I get involved in that.  Dinner forgotten, dogs forgotten, Jon not called and the person at the gate sits down to wait for him cause he knows I am a scatterbrain. He understands me.

One more: Giving the horse water.  Should be easy!  The water buckets are just inside the horse paddock.  But where is the hose? Oh, its hooked to the irrigation system for the garden.  My gardener has fabricated an new system of attaching it using long strips of rubber tubing MANY of them.  After unwinding the tubing the hose won't come off, so I give it a hefty yank and lo! guess who forgot to turn off the water before un-attaching the hose.  Guess who is soaking wet and disgruntled? Guess who doesn't get water?

That said and off my mind, let me update some social things..before I get distracted!

Brenden was home for midterm break and brought some great friends with him!

The race is on to see who talks first- the parrot or Susan!

Susan is gaining weight and doing well!

Lazy Sunday afternoon!

Keeping it real!