Thursday, January 3, 2013

Furlough Changes You!

Our family has been on furlough here in the U.S since July.  We've managed to move three times and have one more coming up.  That is when we leave here and go back to Kenya in February.

Today I was musing on what a different person I am while I live in America.  None of them were bad discoveries and I don't think any are going to damage me for life. Some were surprising tho.
So, I sat down and made a list of things I do in America that I would not or could not do in Kenya.

1. Leave chocolate sitting on the counter for two days in a row.
2. Drive.
3. Have pizza delivered straight to my door. (Guest houses in Nairobi don't count)
4. Blend in at church.
5. Pass up on trips to the grocery store/mall/even...yes, Target.
6. Buy only ONE of something in the store.
7. Look at anyone wearing red plaid twice.  (I'm fresh from maasailand remember?)
8. Eat bacon, ranch dressing, cheetoes and whole grain cereals!!
9. Get TWO hams at Christmas because they are sooo cheap!
10. I have stopped looking at people's shoes to determine what country they are from.
11. Walk right by the animal food aisle in the grocery store.
12. Stop and just stare at the door when someone knocks.
13. Watch snow fall at night under lit street lights.
14. Stopped worrying about finding a decent signal for my phone.
15. Complain the heat is on too low in the house.
16. Enjoy soft, airy donuts.
17. Hug a grandbaby!
18. Watch seasons change.
19. Use a dryer..EVERY day with BOUNCE sheets!
20. Call a plumber when there is water dripping off the ceiling.

So, I say Thank you America!  This IS fun!