Friday, December 31, 2010

The Things They Do for Fun!

There aren't many times when I am at a loss for words.  I love the song in Charlotte's Web that says, "isn't it great that I articulate!"  However, while on deputation or visiting friends in the states, there is always one question posed to me that shuts me up every time. (tho momentarily only).

Always, in the course of visiting our friends or churches where we talk about life in Kenya, someone comes up to me and says, "Sooo, what do your kids do for fun?"  Then the dummy moment hits me. My mouth drops open, my mind is full of an avalanche of adventures, projects, tasks, and other creative moments.  I stand there like an idiot until finally I blurt out, "EVERYTHING!"

Before you think me the only one who experiences this, let me just justify that I have talked to many, many other missionaries who have this same question posed to them.  Tho I can't say that they are as dumb about answering as I am,  I can say its a tough question to answer unless you have a day or so...or a blog!  So, I decided to go back through all the photos we had, and pick a few that says it all.  Granted some are dated, and I've posted those because even tho they continued do those things, I stopped taking pictures.  In doing this little task down memory lane, two things came to me:
 One, most of the time they are doing the really nutsy stuff, there are friends involved. Thus proving that it must take a group to make up such crazy stuff.
 The second thing I learned is that I am so thankful that I wasn't watching and the Lord was!

So...what do they do for fun?

Make Stuff!
Brenden does pottery, under the close eye of his tutor.

Ben made his own surf board

Ben and Adam's homemade skim boards!

Part of a mural Brenden just finished.



No body hikes without a guide..pick a guide!

I hope I haven't bored anyone with too many pictures.   There is a lot more they do, and it may be a Part 2. But for now, let me end with one more.
Getting a kiss of thanks for saving a little life!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tales from the Road Less Traveled

Many of your reading this already know all about what it takes to get to our house.  You've done the rainy season slog, and the dry season "suffocation by dust" trek, just to visit us!  Thank you! For those of you who haven't, your imaginations will enjoy this little foray.

Jon's Community Health staff are a very dedicated lot.  They have traveled all around maasai land on motorcycles (pikis) in order to do their work.  I want to share some of their stories first.

As with all organizations, there are rules.  Community Health staff are given a few rules in regards to use of the pikis they use. One of them, is that they are not allowed to carry any passengers.  One day,  Moses came to work looking like he needed to confess something.  He told Jon that he had broken the no rider rule.  Then he told him why. 
 As Moses was going home from work late one afternoon, he was coming up out of a dry river bed when he saw a young man just standing in the road.  This man was not walking or moving.  Why? There was a lioness circling him, getting closer and closer! Moses said to Jon, "I really shed tears, as this man was my cousin!"  Moses then said he quickly rode up to the cousin, the cousin jumped on the piki, and they took off!  "So." Moses confessed, " I had to break that one rule, and I am very sorry!"

The bane of motorcycle riders in this area is the number of punctures they get with the tires.  It seems like they are always changing and patching tires because of the heavy thorns that lay all around and the very rough rocky terrain. 
 One day, Elijah told us this story.  He had stopped on a river bank because he had to change a puncture on his piki....again!  As he was finishing up, picking up his tools and packing up, he heard a hissing sound.  Disgusted, he thought he had another flat tire and set about setting out his tools to fix it.  As he knelt down to check the tire, he happened to look up, and there, not six feet away from him, was a lioness stalking him and heading right for him! The hissing sound he heard was her breathing!!  He said he threw his tire tools at her and she went a short distance away, giving him enough time to jump on his bike and take off!  He sheepishly told Jon, "So, I 'll have to go by and get my tools tomorrow!"

Let me tell you about one of the best excuses I have ever heard for not coming to work. The lady who comes to my house to help me is a dear lady.  I have known her many, many years.  Right after she began working for me,  she did not show up for work as usual.  She lives about 2 miles away, over the river and up the hill from my house.  Admittedly, I was a bit perturbed that she didn't send word that she was not coming, because a few from her village work here as well.  But no one came.
The next day, she showed up on time.  When we asked why she didn't come, she told us this great story.
She said that she and some other ladies had TRIED to come to work, but as they came down the path to the river, elephants were in the road.  The ladies were then chased by the elephants back up the hill.  All day the ladies tried at various times to reach the river!  Only to be chased back by the elephants.  She told us that the elephants stayed there all day, as if it were a game to them and would not let them come down.  So, if you ever need an excuse to give your boss about delaying to work...well, this one won't work!

Here is a last one.  A photo essay of our last trip home..enjoy!

Having a trailer didn't help, but Jon mastered it like the pro he is!

Brenden, always ready and willing to use his sword (panga)!

That's funny, the wheel is moving, the vehicle is NOT!

A right to be proud! He got us home safe and sound!