Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Romans 8:28 Moment

We all would like to see the results of a bad situation turn out good.  We all hold out a hope to see out Romans 8:28 moment when "all things work together for the good for those who are called according to His purpose." Sometimes we don't get to see those times.  When the bad or stressful things happen in our lives we wonder how God can work it for our good.  Recently, the Lord showed us one of those moments.

In my last post, I wrote about a terrible trip Jon had made and how he had taken a lady to Narok who was in labor.  The odds were against her and her baby. In fact, all had been told the child was dead.  Yet, a few days later, we got word that the baby had lived!! We were so happy.

The other day the husband of the lady came to our house and asked if we would like to come to his village to see his wife, now recovered, and meet Esther their new baby girl.  We were so glad to have this blessing.  As we walked over, I heard the man talking to Jon. I am not supposed to walk side by side when the men, so it gave me a good view of them, and I could hear everything. The man was telling Jon how, when Jon stopped to pray that day, it really touched them. He said that he knew that God had heard Jon's prayer and answered every single one of Jon's requests.  Jon was fast to tell him the reality here was that GOD answers our prayers!   God is the one who saved his wife and baby daughter.  That God wants to know him personally as well. The man agreed that he saw God working that and he said his wife and he had been talking about this miracle.  Pray with us that this village will find Jesus and fully follow Him!!

Meet baby Esther!! Mom and baby doing fine!