Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Baby in the House!

This week we welcomed Susan to come live with us for a bit.  Susan is from the Africa Gospel Church Baby Center.  She recently won the Most Pokey Eater Award at the Baby Center. This slow poke eating was  making her a bit thinner than she needed to be.  Staci Keter, the director of the center wondered if Jon and I could take her a few months. ( yes, we have legal papers!) Our mission is to fatten her up, love her to pieces and revisit bottle feeding in the night.

She's a pretty remarkable baby, so I'm going to remark a lot about her! She has the cutest little bald malted milk ball head!  Though not smiling yet, she is to the smirking stage. She does 'kissy lips, stick out your tongue and spit up on my shirt" very well.

We love having her.  Please pray that the right parents for her will come along soon.
If you want to see more about what the AGC Baby Center is doing here is the web site:
They also have a facebook page that has a picture of Susan when she was taken there in November as a newborn.
Here are some more photos!
Her little "I'm a kangaroo"sleeping pose.

Dreamy baby!

The milk spittle is part of the charm!

"I'm exhausted, is it bedtime yet?"

Nap when baby naps!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day at Church!

Welome to church!  Olderkesi location has three new preaching points.  Jon and I have begun to try to attend one each Sunday.  Its been a very fun, interesting and educational time!  Several months back, we had a work team here from N. Ireland. They did 'bush camps'.  Each day they went to these three preaching points. They played with the kids, gave everyone a bisquit (cookie) and taught a Bible story.  It was so much fun Jon and I wanted to continue doing it.  Each preaching point has a lay pastor. They are so eager to get the word of Jesus out.  They usually ask Jon to share scripture or preach. But mostly we are just part of the Sunday crowd, well as much as we can be.  There are a LOT of pictures, so get ready. Credit goes to Brenden for taking these great shots.

Joy knows she's got this skipping rope thing down,  she just needs to get started!

Beware of the nerf shooter!

Soccer balls...always a great idea!

"Say, you guys got any rugby balls?" 
Some of us wanted to ROLL the soccer ball, cause there's much less sweating involved!
Best thing was, no one had to be told to share.  They just did!

We called this guy the Sumo soccer player, he always needed to squat down before he kicked the ball!

"Are you kidding? I'm way too dressed up to play sports!!"

Time to get church started!

I have soo many more pictures to put in, but this post took me four days to do!   Not because I'm lazy but because of internet!  So stay tuned for more!  Welcome to our church anytime!